easyexplore app

easyexplore mobile and cloud solutions is an initiative of professionals to bring the technology to ease the day to day life of a common man.

Our first product is an android application which would help the user to search a directory with parameters like name, place,country etc and launch calls, sms or emails irrespective of where they are and whom they are trying to reach. This novel application works offline and hence gives every user the benefit of getting data even while they don’t have access to  internet.

Our next mission is to bring out applications and websites to help the poor and needy closer to vital services like Law,Medical Care,Food etc.


Thank you all at easyexplore. You delivered what we dreamed. Infact from the first meeting I was confident about the change it would bring to our directory. Many of our relatives from US and Canada expressed their gratitude to you. It’s really  awesome.

Good luck from all  of us worldwide. You helped us to connect well.

Jamal M M


Thanks. Its great work and you have surprised us by the features. We always wanted a family tree and now its done.

Good day


A big fan of yours