Launching the ‘manadan’ app

We are very happy to announce the launch of ‘manadan’ app. This is digital directory showcasing all the family and personal info of the members of this family. The features include the opening screen with a search tool. Once you press the search button it would populate the entire list of members with address. The main attraction to this searchable directory is its power to search the whole database and return the required info. The user can get to the person/member details by giving an input viz. name, place,province,country etc. Once its is entered the application will return the result.

Once we select the member, it would display the personal details of the member like spouse, children, address etc and displays features which will help us to launch a call, sms or even email the person directly from the application. This facility to use these features helps the user to connect to members/person even while he is out of internet connectivity. The entire directory works as offline and is similar to having a printed directory at all time.

This application allows the user to launch call, sms or email service  even while travelling overseas and takes away the hassle of copying and pasting the contact nos. or email id into other applications.

The ‘app’ is developed to function in android devices and would be available in the Google Play store for the users to download. We intend to update the data of new members in the form of updates which would be published occasionally or on a need basis alongwith alerts to the users to update their apps.

This product would revolutionize the directory/database based services as almost everyone is moving to android phones.